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Ashley Tisdale hosted her older sister Jennifer Tisdale’s 27th birthday party at The Bank inside the Bellagio Hotel and Casino Resort on Friday night in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The release of HSM3 is less than a month away and recently Ashley was asked if her character (Sharpay) was still trying to steal Troy (Zac Efron) from Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens), and Ashley shared, “She’s kind of over Troy this time round! Okay, so she’s always gonna have a little bit of a crush on him [laughs], but she’s focused on the fact that someone from East High is going to be awarded a scholarship to a top performing arts college and, of course, she thinks it should be her. She also has a new friend, Tiara (Jemma McKenzie-Brown), who’s a sophomore and becomes her assistant. Sharpay is very good at bossing her around!”


Vanessa Hudgens showed up at the 2008 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party on Thursday in Los Angeles wearing a little black dress.

Vanessa was Teen Vogue’s cover girl for the Sept. 2008 issue of Teen Vogue who then had herr boyfriend Zac Efron on the cover the following month. The 19-year-old High School Musical star showed up to the event with on-and-off-screen boyfriend Zac Efron.

for their September 2008 issue.The month after, Zac graced the cover of the teen mag.