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Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell revealed she would like Miley Cyrus to play Sarah Jessica Parker’s role if her new book was adapted for television or the big screen.


Katy Perry is quoted by Fox News as saying: ‘When we met at the VMAs, Miley told me she loved my dress and the way it showed off my breasts. She told me, ‘One day when I grow up I would love a rack like that.”

Maybe Miley wants a rack like Katy’s because she is considering Hefner’s invitation? Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner wants Miley to be photographed naked in the adult publication when she turns 18. He said: ‘She would be welcomed in the magazine. She is very pretty.”Ok Pervert!

Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus no longer want to be a part of Disney Channels Hanna Montana. According toTMZ, Miley has been bragging that she will get fired from the show and that she wants to focus on singing and not the show. Her father, Billy Ray has also made it clear that there is more money in singing than on Disney’s show. Since they want to get fired both father and daughter have been showing up to the set ridiculously late, stalling production and infuriating cast and crew.

Emily Osment, who plays Miley’s best friend on the show, used to be a very close friend of Miley’s but now Emily is so bitter she literally turns away from Miley after each scene. Emily’s dad has even joined the action by reportedly getting into a screaming match with Billy Ray, complaining he and Miley were unprofessional.

Billy Ray has told people on the set that he and Miley will do twelve more episodes and then they are out. Disney was so pissed they called his agent, railing that Billy Ray and Miley were ingrates. Disney insisted that Billy Ray and Miley not only finish the twenty-four episode season but Disney was adding six more episodes. 


Well I guess Miley no longer wants to live the best of both worlds!









































So what do you think of miley and her new boyfriend Justin. The happy couple were spotted at church and on lookers said that Miley and Justin were very playful with each other. The eyewitness goes on to tells OK! magazine, “for being with her parents they were extremely touchy feely, Miley had her hands on Justin’s stomach definately like they were a couple, parents Billy Ray and Tish seemed to be giving Miley a lot of space”..

He is 20 and she is 15, do you think he is too old for her?

Courtney Love had the following to say when TMZ.com asked her opinion about the Jonas Brothers and the Russel Brand controversy, Courtney said  “They are completely not rock n’ roll. I can’t stand that sh*t! What a bunch of pasty white, completley not rock and roll sh*t, like christian, I cant stand that sh*t”

Courtney is not the first rocker to come against The Jonas Brothers. Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx recently lashed out at the group and fellow Disney star Miley Cyrus  for their newfound status as rock ‘n’ roll stars.