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The Jonas Brothers answer questioons on their official myspace and this is what they had to say:

Hey everyone!

Thanks for all the responses to the last blog where we answered questions about Dating and Blogs.

Today’s questions come from Nikki & Taylor:

1. when will you do another video chat?

We are trying to work out details for a live chat right now. We know that there have been a lot of rumors about a live chat. We will let everyone know through MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, YouTube, etc.

2. how would you go about dating a fan?
– i mean like how would you get to know her?

We are just like everyone else when it comes to love and attraction. When we meet a girl we are interested in we try to get to know her and look for ways to make that happen. The hard part is finding a place where we can have privacy to get to know someone.

3. do you like muffins?=]

Yes. Love muffins. Favorites are BLUEBERRY

4.why is home depot spelled home de.pot? hehe

Don’t know???

5. do you feel like you guys have changed from who you used to be?

Not at all. We are a whole lot more busy. We feel like we are the same people. For us it doesn’t matter how many opportunities come our way…family is still most important. Staying grounded is also very important.

6. whats your favorite memory on the burning up tour?

Playing 3 nights at Madison Square Garden was an amazing experience. We grew up outside of New York so this was very special for us.

7. do you feel like when your dating a celeb there is too much drama?

A lot of the celebrities we have met are normal people too. It really depends on the person. You can have drama with anyone if they are prone to drama.

8. how does it feel to know your being compared to the Beatles?

It is an honor BUT we definitely DO NOT compare ourselves to the Beatles. They are our idols. We look to them as a source of inspiration but we don’t think anyone will have the impact that the Beatles have had on music.

9. what happen to the camp rock contest?
– there was a contest at target if you win you get to go to the radio disney thing. and my friends and i put in over 400[seriously] things. and we havent heard about it since.

Not sure. Ask Radio Disney or someone at Target. Sorry

10. can you sleep with music on?

Yes, we have learned to sleep everywhere and anywhere!


Thanks everyone. We will be looking for more questions in the next few days.

Keep checking in

Kevin, Joe and Nick


The Jonas Brothers were seen film for their 3-D movie, the movie is set in New York City and since the boys are in L.A they brought NYC to LA.

Below are some pictures of the boys on the set while they catch a cab, stand on a cab and take a lunch break from filming on Saturday.

So will you wacth the movie?


Another video for you Jonas Fans..

The Jonas Brothers where shoot some sceens for the music video to their new single Lovebug in San Pedro, CA on Friday.

Kevin, Joe and Nick were joined by Camilla Belle who makes an appearance in the video

Cant wait to see the final product!

Well atleast on myspace they are, they Jonas Brothers have been added to the MySpace Celebrity Icon.

The Jonas Brothers were interviewed by popstar magazine who asked the boys about kissing, girls and how cute they thought they were.

Popostar: How would you rate, 1 to 10, how cute you are?

Nick: Negative 500.

Joe: I’d say 6.

Kevin: Yeah, 6.

popstar: What is your favorite eye color on a girl?

Joe: Blue. Because the girls, like, sometimes you can see eye color, you mean like that they were? Sometimes they have a thin shadow of blue and it’s very nice..

Kevin: No, eye color! Ha ha! When they’re like brown and you almost can’t even tell what color they are.

Popstar: Would you ever kiss a girl in front of your mom?

Nick: Um, I’m not really big on public displays of affection.

Joe: I think holding hands is okay, but kissing in front of your mom is kind, like, I don’t know.. would you?!

WOW… i would give them more than a 6!